Through Health & Wellness Coaching & therapies such as Meditation, Reiki, Food as Medicine, I can support you to uplift & up-level your life physically, spiritually, mentally & emotionally.

I guide women who have experienced dramatic life change & have lost their identity due to health issues, relationship breakdown with others or with self & have fear & anxiety from life’s daily pressures.

I will work with you to take back control of your life, find your path & rediscover your true identity, for a fulfilled & happy life of self love & acceptance, taking back your power & ownership of your Health & Wellbeing.

Through One-to-one coaching sessions I will support you to find the tools you need to reduce emotional pain, increase your overall wellbeing, empower you to transform your life to set you free to live the life you truly want & deserve.

I use a mixture of Coaching, Energy Therapies such as Meditation, Reiki, Tapping, Movement & Food as Medicine to help you on your healing journey.

Together we will overcome your challenges, face your fears, work on your limiting beliefs & clear your blocks, to truly uplift & uplevel your life spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally.

I hope to be connecting with you soon.

Much love from me to you ❣️

What Others Say

“Belle has been my Coach for over two years now and has without a doubt been one of the most major contributors to my growth in confidence, self-belief and clarity in both what my purpose is and how to fulfil that purpose. I’m in awe of her ability to listen, support and advise me without any hint of judgement whatsoever and am immensely grateful that she’s with me along my way”
“Belle is an incredibly calm and analytical problem solver. She is able to lovingly guide me through my subconscious blocks with understanding and an open mind, and has a beautiful way of making every hurdle seem so easily surmountable. Her experiences have brought her a huge amount of wisdom that she imparts with such love and clarity that its impossible to not feel invisible with her teachings. I highly, highly recommend her work for anyone wanting to improve their lives in any way
“Annabelle has really helped me accept several situations in my life, she has taught me to embrace rather than resist and fight them. It’s not been easy, and I have been a rabbit in the headlights on many occasions but Annabelle listens, guides and has helped me build new habits into my daily routine to build my confidence and self-love. It’s a journey, and I’m really pleased I found Annabelle to support me”