A Turkish Delight at The Hilton Dalaman


With the January sales upon us and the sunshine calling it’s time to look for a holiday!!

Turkey is always somewhere I have thought about heading too, but never got around to going. When the deal that we got(£750pp), for an All Inclusive weeks break in October flying Business Class with British Airways and staying at The Hilton Dalama Turkey, we jumped on it.

We flew out from Gatwick and into Dalaman. We tend to fly BA as we find the service and the accessible support far better with them, than with other airlines.

On arrival at Dalaman airport, it was easy to get through and the staff was really helpful. We had booked a transfer from the airport to the hotel, but rather than a car we were given a van, which meant I had to be lifted onto the seats. To be honest it would have been easy enough to have got a cab from outside the airport and probably cheaper as well. 

It was approximately a 25 minute drive to The Hilton and arriving to a large open reception, welcome drinks and helfpul staff, the Hilton was not too shabby!!

Upon checking in we were given the full run down of the hotel, with maps, entertainment information and much more to devour.

Our room was spacious with views of the grounds from a small balcony. The bathroom was a large wet room and fully accessible.

The hotel had lifts to all floors and there were numerous paths and walkways leading to restaurants, the beach, tennis courts, clubs, running/push paths, pools and more.

There was a swimming pool to suit everyone. Kids pools, a bar pool where the waitresses zoomed around on roller skates to serve the drinks, a workout pool with continuous activities, an adult pool for those that prefer a bit of peace and quiet and even a small water park for both kids and adults to find their inner child to splash around in.

The complex had its own private beach was a short push from the main hotel and I was surprised we were able to make it down to the sea.Wooden walkways had been created to get down to the sea front; there were numerous sunbeds and even designated disabled sunbeds reserved for those in wheelchairs.

If you have a love for the extreme you can head out on the water for paragliding, Jet Ski’s water skiing, pretty much every need is taken care of.

For those with a family there are kid’s pools, kids clubs, teenager clubs the list goes on. Don’t worry adults there is an adult club too, you’re not going to miss out!!

There are options to do day trips to the Black Sea, Marmaris, the mud pools and other coastal towns. A little tip if you have someone who doesn’t mind driving abroad I would recommend hiring a car, at €60 a day it is much more cost effective. You can also hire the car from a desk in the reception, so you don’t even need to leave the complex.

The complex is vast, there is so much to see and do that you cannot get bored. But if you do just want to chill out and put your feet up for the week that is possible too. I do think though it would get quite manic in school holidays, so if you have the luxury of going in term time, I would highly recommend doing so.


There were a number of restaurants and bars scattered throughout the grounds of the Hilton

There was one main restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner situated in the main Hotel, this literally served everything you could imagine, every need was catered for and if it wasn’t you could just ask one of the chefs and they would sort it for you.

There were then 2 pool/beach restaurants which were very good as everything was cooked to order and not just left under hot plates. There were 5 A La Carte restaurants to choose from and these had to be booked in advance, the only downside to the A La Carte restaurants is that they were not included in the All Inclusive price and were an additional subsidised charge of €15 per person per restaurant.

The A La Carte restaurants can be booked at a desk in the reception area each day and they will allow you to batch book,which saves having to queue on a daily basis and waste precious pool time. I would recommend, if it’s not a busy time at the hotel, to wait to see what the buffet is offering for dinner (this is shown on a board at the entrance each morning), as it can serve up some real treats. With this in mind we did not go to the Indian restaurant as the buffet restaurant served such good Indian food, it would have been a waste of money, and I do love an Indian!

We did pay a visit to the Turkish restaurant, which was great and definitely worth going to. It had outside seating overlooking the Estuary (make sure you are fully sprayed up with insect spray so you don’t get bitten). The food was typically Turkish and everything we wanted it to be, with the lava bread coming fresh from the fire and the NUMEROUS starters they gave to share, which pretty much filled up the entire table, we were not leaving there hungry!


We also went to the Italian; to be honest I wouldn’t spend the money on this one it really was nothing to write home about.

The final A La Carte we went to was the fish restaurant, shaped like a boat and a short walk away from the main hotel, this was a delight to venture too.

The staff were welcoming and the food was delicious. I would highly recommend visiting here if you are a fish lover, you must have the crab, which is served fresh to your table. The fish served in the buffet is not fantastic, so it is definitely worth spending the money on.

There are numerous bars and watering holes throughout the vicinity of the hotel and grounds serving good wine and top shelf alcohol, no dodgy stomach for me!!

There is a roof top bar, which was a little disappointing as it was not out in the open as expected, but all inside and lit by very strange lighting, all the same it’s worth a visit to look over the complex while sipping on a cocktail.

There is a piano bar inside the hotel, a good place to sit and play cards after dinner. If you fancy a smoke of a shisha the main outside bar is where you need to head, filling the air with its fruity flavours. 

The evenings are filled with entertainment, music, dancers and if you fancy strutting your stuff yourself a disco for the night owls.


Wheelchair Access – 5 out of 5

The Hilton Dalaman is beyond accessible and is definitely the most accessible hotel I have ever stayed at.

The reception is open planned with tiled floors, there are smooth carpeted hallways leading to some bedrooms, as well as lifts giving access to all other parts of the hotel. Every bar and restaurant within the complex have full access, good height tables for wheelchairs to get under and disabled toilets within the area. The main buffet restaurant even has a designated area reserved for those in wheelchairs to use when it is a busier time. So a table should always be available.

All paths and walkways are smooth and fully accessible, giving good access to all of the grounds. 

There are a number of pools and a pool hoist is available to use to take a plunge.

There is a wooden walkway built on the beach with access down to the sea front, there are also designated loungers reserved for wheelchair users. Which was very helpful as the wooden boards went all the way around the lounger to ensure an easy transfer from chair to lounger.

The bedroom was large and fully accessible; the bed was a good height to transfer from chair to bed. There was a small balcony with a lip to get out onto it, but it was easy enough to do with a bit of help.

The bathroom was a tiled wet room, with large sink which gave access to get right under. A pull down chair for the shower along with bars all around the wall, the only thing missing was a side bar to pull down. The loo was a standard height (I say this as in many hotels the loos seem to be made for giants and I end up with my feet dangling down!) there are also transfer bars on the wall as well as a pull down bar, oh and a phone just in case you decide to topple off!

The hotel is so good for wheelchair access; we would go here again for an easy chilled holiday. Which is saying something, as we don’t tend to return to the same place twice, but this would be an exception.

Final Thoughts

I would love to head back here, it made for the perfect accessible holiday destination and hotel, life was so easy and care free and it allowed me to be fully independent.

Much Love

BellesWheels XOXO

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