Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique

What is QHHT?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), is a deep hypnotherapy created by Dolores Cannon it involves inducing a person into trance through visualisation. This is a similar state to when you initially awake and before you go to sleep, this is known as the Somnambulistic State. Going into this state helps the hypnosis go far deeper into the subconscious and deal with old wounds and blocks, in this or in a past life.

The individual experiencing the hypnosis is to prepare a number of questions prior to the therapy, these can be from career, life’s purpose, health, habits, family etc.

For example some of my questions were:

       What is my souls purpose and how do I follow it?

       Why am I feeling stuck, like I’m looping  and not moving forwarder and how can I get unstuck?

       What path should I be following?

       What is my ideal weight and how do I achieve this?

       What do I need to do in life to best serve others?

These questions help the practitioner guide the session and retrieve the answers that the client is looking for from their deeper/higher self.

The subconscious will initially take the client back to a past life or a story that they need to see and learn from, to help be healed and cleared to move forward in this life. There might be a couple of things that need to show up and healed.

In the second phase of the hypnosis the clients higher self will be asked the questions given prior to the therapy and these will be answered to help path the way to healing.

I got in contact with Ignazio Dentici from Human Spiritual Evolution to support my QHHT session, and he was fantastic, immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease.

My Experience

I have had a number of different therapies from The Journey, Theta healing, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, you name it I have pretty much done it. While all of these therapies are amazing and helped me learn and grow each time, none of them went as deeply as QHHT. I was a little skeptical at the beginning as I was not 100% sure I would go back to a past life, but It was like an out of body experience, I could hear my voice talking and giving the details of past lives but I had no control at all over what I was saying. At one point I went back to my childhood in this life and my voice completely changed and was very childlike, it was a really strange thing to listen back too (the QHHT sessions get recorded by the practitioner so that the client can listen back and learn more from the experience).

I cannot explain the emotions I felt during the session and when I was answering my questions from my higher self, there was no monkey mind coming in telling me that my answers were silly or not true, everything felt right and completely acceptable.

I was under hypnosis for about an hour and a half, which seemed like 5 minutes! Ever since the session I have felt connected and such clarity with my life, it really helped to answer the deeper questions and work on areas I have been struggling with I have really benefited from what came to and through me.

I would absolutely recommend anyone to do QHHT to help with guidance and focus in life.the whole session was 4-5hrs and cost £200.

Normally only one session is necessary, but I do feel if I ever get stuck and need some guidance, it is definitely something I would do again.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend this therapy to anyone who feels stuck in life and cannot move forward, I would do it again if and when the time is right.

Much Love

BellesWheels XOXO

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