Nerve Pain – some tactical coping tips #imonfire

Seriously does anyone else find that the warm, humid heat of the UK summer plays complete havoc with your nerve pain?

If so join my club!!

It’s so weird as when I’m on my holibobs in other countries, soaking up the rays I don’t find my pain as excruciating as when the UK summer hits.

From my waist down it’s like I’m on fire, hot little iron pins being stabbed into me, refusing to stop, it can be relentless and then sometimes, just for funsies it moves into my entire body, yep face included!!


I try to stay away from prescribed or over the counter medication, it’s just a personal preference as I can find they cause me more issues.

But the good news is I have found some cheeky little tips to ease the pain!!

Tactical Tips

RNR it’s all about trying to rest as much as possible, yes sleep can evade you but as long as your resting and taking it easy that is one of the main things. Find yourself a good book and snuggle up.

Meditation; I love meditating and find that taking a moment for myself , to connect back to me is really helpful. Read my blog post on meditation for some tips.

Brush that body!! Gentle sweeping motions up/down the body towards the heart can help. Body brushing can help stimulate the skin and help those lymph’s, trying to do a couple of times a day can really help.

Gentle Motion; bit of gentle yoga or Qigong just to get things moving slowly and gently to circulate the blood flow and help those joints.

Massage; massage can help stimulate the body flow and ease the pain. I love using calming camomile or some relaxing lavender to promote skin-health and good circulation around my body.

Cuppa Tea!! a soothing cup of camomile tea can help relax the body and calm the system.

B Vitamins; these are proven to help a healthy nervous system function, so worth stocking up.

Water: it’s important to stay nice and hydrated, at least 2litres of water a day will help to keep you hydrated and happy.

– Be Cool! Staying cool is vital, I’m one hot chick so windows open is a must and there are 2 fans in our bedroom to help the temperature throughout the day and night. A must for a more comfortable place to rest.

Good Food; ensuring you are getting a colourful array of fruit and vegetables as well as fish into the diet And staying away from meat and processed foods find can really help.

Most importantly; look after yourself, stay calm and rest. You’ve gotta look after you ❤️

Final Thoughts

I’m sure there’s many tips out there for coping with nerve pain, I hope you found mine helpful, and I’d be delighted to hear yours, so please share ❤️

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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5 thoughts on “Nerve Pain – some tactical coping tips #imonfire

  1. Devon

    So helpful. It’s been a surprising humid summer here in Oregon- usually in summer the heat is dry- and my pains arise. I will try brushing. I find that breathing into the spot, smiling into it and imagining that it is breathing itself is helpful in reducing pain.

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