Tales from the Wheels!!

Carrying on from my blog post what not to do or say to someone in a wheelchair, I am continually getting little moments with others in life that I feel just need to be shared.

I choose to see the funny side of things, as some of it is just bizarre!!

⁃ ‘hello love, can I borrow your chair to sit down my legs are knackered’. ..The man laughs as he feels he is funny!! My response a sweet smile. The response I really want to give, ‘Well sir you of course can borrow my chair as long as I can borrow your legs and then do a runner!!’

⁃ At the airport waiting for check in and one of the ground staff say to a lady ‘go stand over there behind that chair’.

I look around, I can’t see a chair anywhere. ……..Oh right, I realise I’m ‘that chair’. Personally I prefer half woman half car aka a TRANSFORMER

⁃ Going out to a bar and telling your friends you might arrive a little later. Their response being that there might not be any chairs.

Don’t you worry people I come equipped with my own.

⁃ As the man in the car park beeps his horn and frantically waves his hands at us, implying we can’t be reversing into that bay as its for the disabled and he has a blue badge. Well matey so do I.

And then moments later he WALKS by and sees me transfer out the car and into my wheelchair #awkward

⁃ The patronising person while I sit waiting for the hubby quite happily minding my own business, who decides to come over to tell me ‘oh, you do do well’.

Again another sweet smile and a polite thank you when I really want to say ‘oh bless you, so do you’.

⁃ I went to see a new Doctor for certain muscle tests.

Doctor ‘well Annabelle im quite surprised at the muscle deterioration!!’

Me ‘you do realise I haven’t walked in l2 years ?’

I’m not to sure what he was expecting I’ve not exactly gone for a jog lately!!

⁃ The nurse at the hospital for my 6 month check up.

Nurse ‘hey Annabelle, how are you? You look bigger!’ Mmmmm, well if your not expecting me to put on weight don’t ask me in right after Christmas, where I have stuffed myself like the Christmas turkey and have put on a pound or 2!!

⁃ I went to see the nutritionist.

He said to me ‘oh your blood pressure is a little high today and last time we tested you, your cholesterol was a little higher too. You need to be careful as this can lead to diabetes or heart disease and then you could die young’…….note to self don’t eat a cheese salad prior to blood tests!! Oh and don’t rely on this guy to cheer me up anytime soon……happy Tuesday to me!!

⁃ At the airport.

Lounge assistant ‘don’t you go to fast in that love, you might get a speeding ticket’……hahahaaaaaaaa 🤦‍♀️

⁃ When having a cheeky vino down the pub. ‘Don’t you go drinking and driving now’.

Ahhh ha, but my friend I become fearless after a bottle or three 🍾🍾🍾 cheers

I might make light of these situations, But in all seriousness take care of one another and be kind ❤️🙏

Much Love

BellesWheels XOXO

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3 thoughts on “Tales from the Wheels!!

  1. Ron

    Good to see you on Thursday I think you are doing a great job with your stories ! In fact Brilliant lots of love 💖 🐝 xx

  2. Ms. Bonnie

    Love your blog! Your stories are both funny and informative! If you had a magic wand to educate the public in how to respond to people in chairs, what would your top-5 suggestions be? (Without the assumption that people should know how to be courteous human beings?). Much love and big hugs!

    1. My top 5 good question!!
      To treat us the same as Anyone else we are all human beings after all
      Think before you speak, would they speak to an able bodied person that way
      Don’t touch the chair without asking
      Be loving
      Be kind

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