Get out of your funk and tell yourself you love you

You can wake up on the wrong side of bed, a bad night sleep, a weird dream or sometimes you just feel like rubbish, no real explanation for it.

You try to get out of your funk, but nothings working, you want to shout, scream, cry. You feel if you cry you just won’t stop.

We all have our own challenges in life, illness, family, work, the list could go on, the stresses can mount and you can feel overwhelmed by life. You just feel kicked down. If you could throw yourself on the floor throwing your arms around and crying like a baby, you would.

That might make you feel better for a little moment but it’s not going to take that internal sadness away.

Us human beans are built for fight or flight, we have thousands of thoughts everyday.

Unfortunately these thoughts can be self destructive, negative, demotivating and can cause us to tell ourselves the wrong story.

The story we tell ourselves can affect who we are and how we live, see life and ourselves.

  • “Your rubbish, your worthless, you will never amount to much, you just can’t do it”

If we are telling ourselves that we are useless, unworthy, fat, ugly, then that is how we will see ourselves and those negative words lead us to feel down in the dumps and unworthy of following our real path.

If we change the story we can change our lives. A positive thought is thousands of times more powerful than a negative one.

You will find it hard to break the loop at first, looping in your old story of self doubt and self hatred but one step and one day at a time.

Take a good look at the words and things you say to yourself. Would you speak to someone else like that?

If the answer is no, then think about the positive, kind words you would use and write these into your story.

Speak to yourself in the mirror, tell yourself how good looking you are, that you love you, that your fricking awesome.

  • “I love you, your so bloody brilliant, today is going to be a good day“.

Picking yourself up when your down can be hard work, it takes dedication to get yourself back on top.

Daily gratitude and thanks for the blessings in your life. (See my blog post grateful4gratitude for some inspiration)

Meditation to align yourself back with you, why not read my blog about meditation to help get you started!?!

Choosing your words to yourself wisely.

Catching that negative thought and refuting it.

Break that loop, rewrite your story and get back on top of life.

Own who you are, knowing you are enough and you are worth it.

The only person who can make a real difference to your life is you, so start today.

Start by telling yourself how much you love you. ❤️

Much Love

BellesWheels XOXO

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3 thoughts on “Get out of your funk and tell yourself you love you

  1. A 🐛, the routine we all deal with daily that takes hours instead of minutes and a house that’s just not wheely friendly at all makes this so challenging but.. I Co own the house I love and worked for, my partner is a super chef and I get to travel to places where access is so much better than at home. Do i love me though?… Thats something at fifty something I still struggle with xx

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