Boulters Lock Berkshire Walks and Lunch Dateline


I’m always on the look out for somewhere new to head for a walk (push) by the water with my pooch, when I heard about this place I thought it was worth a go.

Venture into the Berkshire countryside on the edge of Maidenhead, you will find Boulters Lock and Weir. A car park across the road from the entrance to the pub & beginning of the walk has a number of parking bays to suit all needs & once parked up a zebra crossing leads to the front of The Boulters Lock pub & the entrance to the back of the pub leads to the start of the walk.

Turning left will take you to an ice cream shop, small child’s play area & toilets.

Turn right & this leads you to a bridge & smooth path alongside the lock. All newly developed housing means lovely smooth winding paths with accessible walkway.

A lovely spot to take a moment!

Approx half a mile after the housing estateyou will come across a kissing gate, a small hill but with a manual wheelchair you definitely need help in getting to the top, a number of options of where to head!?!

Either into the nature reserve with thin, uneven paths or staying to the right of the lock over another bridge with green pasture views & more smooth, winding paths into the park.

A great walk to take on a fresh September day out with the hubby & the pooch. The good news is either way gets you to somewhere to stop to refresh.

Skindals is at the end of the park (unfortunately not open on a Monday) or turn around, head back towards the car to the Boulters Lock Gastro pub.


On a sunny day the terrace is open for guests to sit outside & take in the views, but as it was s little chillier sitting inside was a better option.

With a small bar area, soft furnishings & neutral colour scheme Boulters Lock was a lovely place to recoup after a mornings lock-side adventures.

A delightful menu of locally sourced, fresh produced, with a weekly lunch deal of 2 courses for £16.50.

Sweetcorn and coriander soup to start.

Followed by Chicken Milinase with salad.

The food was ok, basic pub grub, if I’m honest but the staff were lovely ^ it was nice to try somewhere new.

If I’m truthful I would look to do the walk another day & head to Skindals.

Wheelchair Access – 4 out of 5

There were disabled car parking bays both at the car public park & outside the front of the pub, both where smooth tarmac.

The walk for the first ,mile was very accessible, it was the hill after the kissing fate that would have been better with a motorised wheelchair or as I did, get a push up from the other half, but once at the top it was plain sailing again.

The pub was accessible with flat entrance, tables high enough for a wheelchair to get under & disabled loo with pull down bar, wall bars, a large door handle, no emergency cord though.

Pooch Friendly – Yes

Final Thoughts

I will degunately be doing this walk again, most probably dragging all the family along for a waterside walk before a spot of Sunday lunch in the summer time.

Much Love

BellesWheels XOXO

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