My Decision to stop my Prescription Medication

Having never been one to be big on taking pharmaceutical drugs, recreational maybe but that’s a different story!! When I fell ill in 2007 I was pumped full of so many different things I’m surprised my body stood up to it so well.
From the simple stuff like paracetamol, ibuprofen to bucket loads of steroids, you name it I pretty much was given it to try to ease my pain and bring the inflammation in my brain down.
I had a huge list on a monthly basis to collect from the Doctors and pretty much rattled on a daily basis.
A lot of it was trial and error at the beginning, working out what would work best for my symptoms.

Amatripulene for the pain, this just made me far too dopey so I couldn’t even keep my eyes open on the smallest of doses.

Codene knocked me sideways, I couldn’t even put a sentence together.
Steroids for the inflammation, that had to be reduced over time to ensure I came off them without too many side effects, even though the major one to me was ballooning up to 18 stone!!

Cocodimal was my nemesis, read the instructions first, you can get addicted to these and without realising it, I did. I popped them like smarties and then the day came where I got my timings wrong and took too many in a very short period of time, which made me really poorly.
This is when I woke up and smelt the coffee and realised how badly the drugs I was putting into my body were affecting me, it was time to get off them all, if I realised how much this would have changed my life I would have done it far sooner.
I did not speak to my Doctor or any or my specialists, as I felt it was my choice about what I wanted to do and what I wanted to put into my body, therefore I chose to stop the now small amount of meds I was on, get them out of my system to take back control of my body and my life. This might not work for everyone , it will be seen as Reckless by some people and yes I know, it’s not medically advised, but it worked for me. But to be sure if you are thinking of getting off your meds be safe and do your research.
It has been amazing how I have felt since coming off all the medication, until I stopped them all,  I did not realise just how much they affected me, in the wrong way!
I don’t get headaches every day, pulsing migraines like my brain was going to fall out and I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I am not constipated and blocked up all of the time, feeling bloated and agitated.

I’m not tiered every waking moment, I have more energy and motivation.

I find I get ill less often (although I’m writing this with a stinking cold that I can only blame the hubby for!!).

If i am honest I have only seen positives from moving away from the prescription meds.
Of course I get a bug here and there, Im bound to with a lowered immune system, but when I do, I will sometimes reach for the paracetamol or cold and flu and if I need antibiotics then of course I will take them, but at least I’m not taking things daily and a number of times a day. I like to try it a bit more o’naturel, I’m more of a honey and lemon kinda girl, aiming to get the vitamin C in and clear things more naturally.
I have learnt to manage my pain in a different a way with massage, body brushing, Qigong, Meditation, Reiki, aromatherapy oils, taking a more holistic approach has really helped me and in all fairness there’s no side effects from any of these other than feeling good. Read my how to deal with Nerve Pain blog post for more details.

I also lean towards supplements, Vitamin D, B12, Vitamin C and one of my favourites Sea Buckthorn, I have done a lot of research about supplements and taken the time to work out what works and doesn’t work for me. But all of this has only supported my road to better health.
Obviously a good diet helps as well, but again this is trial and error and working what works for you and your lifestyle (have a gander at my blog post High Vibe food for a High Vibe Life to get some inspiration).

Taking control of my medication and making the decision to move away from prescription meds was the best decision I could have made for my health and wellbeing.

I know it’s not for everyone, but it has made a huge difference to my life and I don’t regret for one moment making this decision to look after me.

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2 Replies to “My Decision to stop my Prescription Medication”

  1. Inspiring read as always. Taking back control is so tough, I’ve see my mum suffer in a similar way through the years so glad you were able to do this and share the story.

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