The fear of what others think!!

I don’t know about you, but my monkey mind could go crazy at times making me fear what other people thought of me, I let other people determine the conversation that was going on between my ears!! I had self doubt in who I was, how I looked, cared if I felt people didn’t like me. That they judged me at first glance or not even at first glance, I could get this fear of what people think when I haven’t been in the office for a few days or when I entered into a new place filled with people, beating myself up over things that aren’t real. Maybe a little egotistical, maybe a little insecure at times, but I’m sure we have all been there at one time or another, seeing something that is not there, meaning that our perception needs to be shifted.The fear has become less over the past year or so, I have worked hard on quietening that monkey, taming the beast and not listening to it putting me down and feeding my insecurities. Disabling it from turning it, from a me vs them, not allowing it into my psychology, as allowing it in can hard code into your DNA, which can cause dis-ease.

I’ve learnt to see the fear, work on it, accept it, understand it and then let it go, releasing it so I can hold myself in a place of love, knowing that the judgement I was feeling from others was judgement I was placing on myself.

If we retract and retreat, those around us will mirror that, meaning we will then disconnect from them, enabling the insecurities to appear, the fear of what others think and their judgement will creep in, taking over how we see ourselves and poisoning our minds with negativity.

To move away from the fear, the judgement, the self-doubt,  we need to ensure that we are our true authentic selves, building the connection with others, through believing in ourselves, what we stand for and giving ourselves love by owning our mind, aligning with ourselves and moving into gratitude for who we are, how abundant our life is, how much we love our life and how much we love the person that we are.

Commit to being our best and if/when people do reject us or we feel their judgement,  then we know that it’s a reflection on them and not who we are. Faith empowers us and fear will only hold us back, fear makes us underestimate who we are and brings uncertainty, making us question if are we good enough?

We can succumb to the fear or we can push forward, fight for progress for an ideal self, an authentic self, a self that is enough.

We won’t find freedom outside of ourselves, digging deep, meditating, journaling, committing to ourselves, to loving ourselves, to knowing we are enough, we will be free, that freedom will help others see value in us and aspire to find the freedom that we have.

If we are true to ourselves, then we don’t need to fear the thoughts of others, their judgement is only judgment of themselves and a desire to live a life free of fear and worries, embracing a life of strength, prosperity, belief and self-love, knowing the wonderful soul that you are.

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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3 thoughts on “The fear of what others think!!

  1. As a disabled teenager I find your posts to be extremely encouraging and uplifting. I feel like caring what other people think is something that is especially hard to avoid during your high school/secondary school years, but something like this definitley encourages me to work more on it.


  2. Often, anxiety and fear prevent us from being our true selves, which in turn, colors how others see us in the wrong light, which then creates more anxiety. It’s a vicious circle.

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