Tales From My Wheels III

It’s been a while & therefore, there’s of course more tales from the wheels!!

More brilliant stories of other people’s response when seeing someone in a Wheelchair!!

Seriously you couldn’t make this stuff up!!

• While sat watching the ships roll in, waiting for the hubby to buy tickets for the ferry, a man walks up to me smiling & enthusiastically nodding his head. I being the friendly soul that I am, of course look up & smile sweetly, as he says – “good luck”. Before I have time to ask, “with what?”, he’s wondered off. Leaving me totally baffled by this strange comment. Yes saying Good Luck is nice, but Good Luck with what? I guess I’ll never know!!

• If I’m honest I’m pretty rubbish at pushing myself, but when you are pushing up a big arse hill & someone decides to stop you mid push & therefore stop your momentum to say “have you been doing this long?” Another smiling sweetly moment while thinking “Yes too blooming long & it will be even longer now that I’ve been stopped in the middle of a hill. Give us a push!!”

• Minding my own business, pushing through the airport one of the assistants feels it’s funny to turn to his colleague & say “don’t you try to steal her wheelchair”. Laughing HARD at his own joke I Smiled & pushrod on……at least he found himself amusing!!

• A woman next to me gasps “WOW”, I turn round as she’s staring straight at me, & she then informs me that she’s never seen a trolly with 3 wheels. I get the Wow, I am pretty awesome!! But Trolley!! I haven’t just popped down to the supermarket & pinched one of theirs, it’s a wheelchair love!!

• The hubby & I had to go to a meeting. The gentleman asks us to take a seat, then laughs looking at my husband saying “you will have to pay for your chair mate, as she’s brought her own”…….Funny – NOT- Funny.

• One thing I have noticed when using accessible toilets, the bin has always got a foot pedal to open it!! I mean come on, don’t take the p?s5!!

• On a dog walk a runner goes past & shouts at me “give me a lift, I’m knackered”. Literally no words!!

I know people don’t mean any harm with what they say to me, they just get uncomfortable with different & I am most certainly that!!

But I would be that without my chair & disabilities as I am me, I am unique, I am beautifully weird & wonderful, as we all are.

We must just remember one thing, just Be Kind to Everyone Always, it’s free & it’s easy ❤️

2 thoughts on “Tales From My Wheels III

  1. Netty noodle

    There’s a step into the patio of our winter rental in Spain. I use a power chair I go at it full power and my partner gives it a little help. I’m happy to do this.. Its not a problem. A woman with a very loud Liverpool accent shouts to me ” are you a fekin learner there”….. 😱What?!… Been at this since 2009 love at least I’m not ignorant….. I know… Not very gracious but really? 😂 ❤️

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