Taking a moment out for you in lockdown

These are challenging times, we have been put into a situation that can be hard to deal with, causing us stress & worry.

It’s not natural to spend all day, everyday, cooped up with our nearest & dearest, which can cause its own challenge. Niggling, arguments, discomfort in our home, causing further upset angst.

As much as I love my husband & enjoy spending time with him, I also love my own time & wanted to share some of my tips to create your own space & keep a happy, healthy home environment & a happy, healthy you, whilst on lockdown.

🏠 Create your own sacred space in your home, a space you can retreat to, for a moment out. Your bedroom, a spare room, a place you feel calm & comfortable.

🧘‍♀️ Get out of your head & into your heart, meditation has wonderful health benefits & can be that moment of quiet, that can help calm your mind & relax you mentally, emotionally & physically

🌳 Get into nature, listen to the birds, they are singing their hearts out right now. Let the sunshine down onto your face & breath into the moment. If you have a garden to enjoy, then make the most of having time in your life to do these simple things or take your daily exercise amongst the beauty of nature around you.

💪 We all know how important it is to move our bodies, therefore a daily exercise routine is key. For a slower smoother pace Qigong is a beautiful way to move your body, connecting you to the flow of the universe & keeping you supple & strong, but for those that enjoy a faster pace why not try, the Body Coach Workout or go for a run. It’s just so important to get your body moving & flowing, as it will keep your body & mind strong, vibrant & healthy.

📖 Get lost in a good book or podcast, read or listen to some of your favourite people, finally have that moment to take the time to do this.

💖 What fills you up with love & puts a smile on your face? Take your moment out to connect with this love & that you are passionate about. Passions give you purpose

The above tips, I’m sure you have heard before, but we must ensure that we are giving ourselves our own space, that moment for us, this will not only enable a happy home, but will ensure a happier, healthier you in mind, body & soul.

This is a challenging time, but we have been given the gift of time, time to look after ourselves & the environment we live in. Look after yourself & come out of this healthier, happier & stronger than before.

Stay safe & well 💖

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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