Facing Fear in the time of Challenge

Currently we are facing a massive world change & this can cause many emotions, one of them being fear.

This can unsettle us, take us out of alignment due to the uncertainty of the new reality, which we don’t understand.

If we constantly watch the news, read the papers, connect with parts of life that will place us into disarray, filling us with anxiety & fear we will continuously be knocked out of alignment.

This is unsettling, as we don’t understand what the new ‘normal’ will be & we don’t know how we will fit into this new ‘normal’.

Fear is happening due to the transformation, it’s totally understandable, but if we can move from the fear, by looking at this as time out, time for us to look after ourselves & our loved ones, have deeper connection & understandings for one another & know we are all in this together.

Don’t suppress your inner happiness & joy, by focusing on the things you cant control, rather than the things you can. This will enable us to come out of this challenge, healthier, stronger & more confident than we were when it started.

Feeling the fear is natural, but staying in fear will cause dis-ease, finding the tools that help you get back on track & achieve your goals is essential

Using Meditation, Qigong, Exercise, High Vibe Foods can help us shift back into alignment, they are wonderful ways to look after ourselves, return to bliss, heal ourselves spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally.

Finding the true connection to self will support us in awakening to what we truly want & the path we want to take to ensure a truly uplifted & up-levelled life.

When the fear starts to overwhelm you, just breathe, breathe into the present moment, let the breath calm your mind & relax your body to bring you back to self & move past the fear that you are in.

Allow yourself to align, to connect to self & it will help bring you back to positivity, to love & a happier, healthier you.

You got this!!

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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