Stay true to yourself & stay grounded

In times of challenge & change it’s important to stay true to ourselves & stay grounded, to keto us physically & mentally strong.

Here are a couple of tips On How to stay strong, stay true & stay grounded.

Limit information from the news & social media

Limit your time with tv & social media news, avoid getting your news from these as it can feed you with drama & put fear into you. Find a source you find reliable & watch or rea, making sure you only do it once a day to minimise the drama & not loop in fear.

Watch things that make you smile, read things that fill you up eith love & keep you in a positive state of mind.

Take a moment out

Take the time to sit with yourself, just be, have a time when your in complete silence to connect to self & listen to you.


Place your feet or hands in direct connection with the earth. Allow yourself to breathe deeply & feel the energy surge through you.

Accept this is a process

It’s okay to not know where we are going, to feel a bit crazed at this time of unknown or to feel completely at peace. Just accept your emotions, accept that we are all in this & going through this together & accept that this is a process, we will get through it , bigger, brighter & stronger than before.

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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