Optimal Health is not just about Food

Food is one of the most important things to support great health & wellbeing. But it doesn’t stop here.

What’s in your make up bag?

Looking at your beauty routine is important, what are you putting on your skin, what chemicals are in the moisturiser or body wash you use?

Review what’s in your beauty bag & take the time to remove the toxins.

I like companies such as Neals Yard,Lush for more natural products.

#movementsdmedicine how regularly are you moving?

I try to move daily but some days are higher impact than others. Finding a routine that works for you is vital. Running, gym, classes, yoga. What makes you happy & will ensure you make movement a part of your daily routine.

Household chemicals are filled with toxins.

TBH this one I’m still struggling with, I’ve made my own stick diffuser but that’s where I’ve stopped. The toxins from household products can really affect our health.

If you have any tips for natural household products I’d love to hear them.

What are you reading or watching?

If your reading horror books & watching the news all the time you are feeding your body with fear & this can cause stress & anxiety. Be mindful of what you are feeding yourself in these areas so you don’t focus on the negatives, but the positives to help a happier state of mind.

Building good habits & daily routines to support your health will not only empower you but will help elevate your life to new levels through better health.

It doesn’t have to be done all at once, so that you get overwhelmed & give up. Its about taking small steps towards feeling better everyday to help you achieve your health goals,

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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