Is Comfort Eating a state of mind?

We comfort eat because we are bored,sad, tired, stressed, feeling a lack of worth, hiding our feelings & emotions.

Working out the triggers that make us comfort eat is vital, as the trigger could be a wound, a block that needs clearing & healing to help us move forward to a happier, healthier life, where we are completely filled up.

I love food, eating is one of my favourite pass times,but I know when I start to comfort eat, it’s because I’m dealing with an emotion I’m trying to suppress through food.

I eat, I overeat, then the self doubt & self judgement comes to visit.

I am responsible for what I put in my body & what I put in my body can affect my mind, the way I feel & the story I’m telling myself.

Choosing the right food for our health & wellbeing is important, the right food, HIgh Vibe food, can reduce the risk of illness & inflammation in our body, it can ensure a calmer,clearer mind, a healthier you.

Addressing the reason for what we are truly hungry for is vital. Working on the reason we need to comfort eat, why we don’t feel full & why we are hiding our emotions. Hunger is a desire & if we can awaken to what we truly desire, it will help fill us up & put us on our true oath to happiness.

Next time you open the fridge, reach for another packet of biscuits or crisps, ask yourself Why? You might realise there is an underlying challenge, emotion, an old story that needs rewriting so it can open you up to what you are really feeling & help you start the journey to heal.

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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One thought on “Is Comfort Eating a state of mind?

  1. Brilliant post (thanks).

    Although I wouldn’t describe myself as an emotional eater, I do know that a little “virtual argument” has to go on inside my mind to enable me to avoid eating too many sweet treats and other goodies.

    Once you’ve enjoyed the benefits of ridding your body of all that processed rubbish, it becomes a lot easier – and weirdly enough I don’t miss them too often now.

    I have a better understanding too of just how much effort is needed (through exercise) for those calories too! I’ve written a Blog post in a similar vein:

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