Freeing yourself from toxic energy

When clearing ourself of toxic energy we need to look at our whole self, spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally.

We can take on ToxicEnergy from our environment, relationships with ourselves & others, the foods we eat, our daily practices & routines.

Toxicity can knock us out of alignment, make us feel unwell, vulnerable, suffocated, out of step with ourselves.

Reducing toxins in our life is vital to support a constructive life, a high immunity & keep us in alignment with our authentic self.

We can clear toxins, tune into ourselves, through a daily self care routine with practices such as Breath Work, Meditation, High Vibe Foods, Movement, Compassionate & Loving Relationships which feed, empower & inspires to lead a fulfilled & energised life.

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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