Your mental health will be affected by the food you eat.

We are a quick fix society, there’s a new diet each week to say how to shed pounds in days, for the quick fix. These are just not sustainable & can bring in the self doubt & judgement when the weight comes back on.

We should ensure we follow a balanced diet, that releases the 1-2 pounds a week supporting long term changes & empowering us to have a better health practice long term, helping us not just physically but mentally too.

Yes a little bit of what you fancy every so often can give us a lift, but it’s making sure we don’t do it everyday, as it can cause the negativity to come in & eat away at us.

Aiming for high vibe foods, fresh foods, homemade foods, doesn’t just nourish our body, helping us become stronger, more vitalised, energised for better physical health it also helps our mental state, good fats, nutritious fruit ‘n’ veg, quality protein for improved brain function & mental health, so that we feel vibrant, empowered & happy.

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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