Leaving the house after lockdown

Heading out of the front door after lockdown, can be a daunting thought.

For those of us who have been inside our own 4 walls since lockdown began nearly 4 months ago, venturing out into the big wide world can be a worrying time.

I have got used to my surroundings, the safe little bubble i call home, my own space & time, without the interference, thoughts, emotions & feelings of the world around me.

I have protected myself the best I know how during this challenging time & got used to just being with me.

Over the past month, since the easing of the rules I have started opening up my front door (well the garden gate), welcoming the world in, a moment & person at a time.

Welcoming the world back into my life has been an exciting time, I have had my wobbles & my worries, but I have ensured I am safe & also made sure that those that I initially come into 2m distant contact with, have been as cautious & careful as me.

I have now been out of my house a handful of times, since the easing of the rules, to families home/garden, once even to a shop. Which was a great achievement, but also reminded me that I HATE shopping, no matter how quiet, spacious or clean it is or how much time I’ve spent indoors, still not my cuppa tea, unless there’s food & wine to be had at the end of it!!

Lockdown has been a strange & challenging time for us all, some of us will leap out the house & onto the beach like nothing ever happened, some may still not have left the house, some like me will take it one moment at a time. But we must all do what we are comfortable with & what feels right for us, ensuring our health & safety are put first.

So for those of you who have left the house to go to shops, work & live a slightly more normal life than those of us who have shielded Ourselves, please be mindful, kind, as you don’t know what people’s own personal experiences have been through this time.

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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