Daily Non Negotiable’s

I have been reading & seeing this pharse a lot lately.

Therefore with just going on a little staycation it got me thinking, what my Daily Non Negotiable’s are.

‘Cos we all know when your on holiday the healthy habits & good routines can go right out the window.

A Non Negotiable could be your Morning tea or coffee, fasting, journaling, exercise, but it’s something you literally HAVE to do daily to keto you on track.

I’ve realised I have 3.

The first is daily gratitude, I do this as soon as I start to wake, giving thanks for my sleep, for the day ahead, for my health & happiness. Gratitude keeps me aligned & starts my day on a happy note.

Second is Movement, I MUST move daily from Qigong, nature pushes to HIIT sessions, I ensure I do some kind of movement to keep my body strong, supple, healthy & energised.

Lastly Meditation, this can be 5 minutes or a couple of hours, depending on the time I have, but I find quieting my mind, connecting to self, brings me true joy & love for myself & everything around me.

The good thing About these 3, is they are easily transferable, I don’t need to take anything with me, heavy weights, books, clothes!!

I just need me, myself & I 😃

What’s your daily non negotiable?

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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