How to have Boundless Energy

I am always looking for ways to feel good & keep energised.

With an auto immune illness it can be hard sometimes to get the motivation, due to tiredness & fatigue.

I have found some amazing ways that have helped me with my entire health, helping me feel more energised & vibrant, improving my sleep & supporting my overall health.

Daily Movement – movement is medicine, it doesn’t have to be a hard & fast full body workout (which I do love), but the benefits of gentle movement each day from Yoga, Qigong, Stretching, can unblock any stagnant energy & allow it to flow freely, helping release any aches & pains, letting you move more freely & have more energy.

Grounding – there have been numerous papers written about how beneficial it is to have our bare feet touching the earth & grounding. I try to get on the grass a couple of times a week to fully connect & receive the earth energy to give me a new lease of life.

Meditation – I talk about meditation a LOT, but the benefits of meditation can support great transformation in every part of our life’s. The breath work will oxygenate our cells, quietening the mind will reduce the stress m, strengthen the immune system & improve mental health. It can optimise ou mr body & brain for a more empowered & energised life.

Food – another area I talk about regularly, is about what we put into our bodies. High Vibe Food will fuel our body & give us energy to live our life’s in the way we want to.

Nature – getting outside into nature, listening to the birds, breathing in the fresh air & taking a moment will give you a connection back to self, feeling a new, refreshed you.

Each of these points is about giving yourself a bit of time, a moment of self care to allow you to fully energise & be the best version of you everyday by optimising your health & wellbeing.

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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