Small lifestyle changes to help your improve your immune system

For some f us with auto immune disorders, we know how important it is to Nurture our immune system & ensure it is strong & healthy to help fight off any infections & keep us well.

Here are some tips on how to help your immune system stay healthy:

🥬 Ensure your eating high vibe, good quality food filled with lots of colours, vitamins & minerals to nourish your body

🌰 Up your fibre, it is a wonder for your immune system, it promotes growth of good gut bacteria, it provides vital ammunition to the immune cells, helping them to fight off infection

🚿 Take a cold shower, after your normal shower just turn the dial to cold & immerse yourself for 30 seconds, this allows a small stress response in your body enabling your immune system to boost its defence. A small stress a day can keep the doctor away.

🌳 Get out in nature, walk in the woods, stroll in the park, getting out in the fresh air & mixing up your environment can reduce allergies & improve your immune & mental health

🏃‍♂️ A good bit of moderate exercise can help stimulate your immune system, help it work optimally, keeping it in balance & making it more effective in fighting off infection. Keep it light, keep it moderate & do it regularly.

💆‍♀️ Body brushing, light touch & massage can boost immune cells & improve your immune system

💤 A good night sleep of 7+hrs, will help your cells become quicker in identifying infections & therefore making you & your immune system stringer & healthier.

All of this will support in improving your gut health, which in turn will help improve your immune system, keeping you fighting fit & fighting off infection, enabling a more balanced life & therefore ensuring better health & wellbeing

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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