Give More for More Happiness

Give a little each day & bring more happiness to your life

I have been looking at ways in which I can be charitable & give each day, it doesn’t have to be monetarily, as I think is the thoughts of many of us when thinking of Charity.

Therefore I have made a concerted effort to give in small ways that light me up & bring me happiness, by giving a little bit of love to someone else.

Some of my favourite ways to give:

• A little note of gratitude & to someone I love

• Give your time

• Spring Clean & donate anything that no longer serves you to charity

• A cuppa coffee, a sandwich for a homeless person & have a chat eith them

• Volunteer for a charity such as Age UK, speaking to an elderly person who might be lonely

• Smile & say hello to people you pass onthe street that day

• Bake a little something for someone

• Phone that person you have been thinking of, you might just make their day

Each of us can give a little bit everyday, it can be a life changer, improving our health & wellbeing, bringing happiness not just for you but for others too. Isn’t that worth just making a small change or two to give more?

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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