Getting Fit & Healthy in a Wheelchair & Staying Fit & Healthy

Staying fit & healthy, sat on my backside, is not just about one thing, it’s about a combination of many lifestyle choices.

I have found for me it’s about healthy daily habits & a routine. Seeing it as a lifestyle rather than a diet for a few weeks.

Combining meditation, exercise, food, it was about finding the right lifestyle tools that I enjoyed, so that I kept pushing forward.

Finding what works best for me has been a process, but it’s been a great way to find things I really enjoy doing. Workouts such as HIIT, weights, pushing around my garden. Meditation, Qigong, walks with my pooch in nature. Cooking & creating delicious, nutritious homemade meals & loving the process of meal planning to creating the dishes that nourish me inside & out.

Knowing that moderation is key, allowing myself a day a week or even a weekend off , so that I don’t get bored & give up, I actually look forward to getting back too it.

But the most important thing I have learnt, is self compassion, it’s not a one size fits all approach, it’s not about comparison, for instance sitting freely like this without my chair & raising the ball this high above my head, has not been an overnight thing, it has taken me months of work & dedication. We are all different & must find out the best practices, habits & routine to support us as individuals to stay fit & healthy.

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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