Small daily habits for significant change

I know how hard it can be to have time to do long intensive workouts, have a meditation practice, eat healthy home cooked meals & having the motivation to do it, especially when your working.

I was lucky enough to stop working my 9-5, last year, it has allowed me to adopt longer versions of these practices into my life.

But it’s not about going full on from the start, it’s zbout small changes, that can be done at work & at home.

For exampl:

• While boiling the kettle do some pushes, stretches or reps with a can of beans.

• During lunch break take a push outside.

• Meditation doesn’t have to be an hour or even 20 minutes, just a couple of minutes of mindful breathing can set up the day ahead.

• I used to set my alarm 20 mins early so I could wake up meditate & stretch.

• On my journey to & from work I would listen to podcasts that uplifted & motivated me.

• At weekends I would batch cook, meal plan & create lunches & dinners for the week ahead, so if I get home feeling exhausted, I had homemade food ready to just heat up without effort.

• I would leave longer workouts or walks with my pooch forceeiybds, when I had a bit more time to spare.

When I started to make changes, I started with larger ones & was only setting myself up to fail. I learnt from my mistakes & when I started to make smaller daily changes, I was able to achieve them, improving my overall health & wellbeing.

Remember it is a journey, it’s important to find habits & routines that you will stick too, ones thst make you feel good & happy.

But most importantly do what’s right for you.

Much Love

BellesWheels xoxo

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