My Story

Hi I’m Annabelle

And this is my story……..

Where it all started

In 2007 my life was turned upside down when my body decided to attack itself, with a rare auto immune illness called Neuro Mylitis Optica (NMO).

I had been suffering all weekend with severe eye pain, headache & nerve pain. Then in the middle of the night I got up to go to the bathroom, collapsing on the floor I was rushed into hospital where over the next month my health decreased. I was blind & paralysed.

Going from a healthy, fit, adventurous 25 year old

I had been left fragile & broken, the Doctors advising that there was no hope I would ever get out of hospital.

I received numerous treatments, I fell to a skeleton like 6stone (38.1kgs) & struggled with every emotion possible.

Fear, worry, anxiety, some of the darkest moments of my life, followed up by positivity, strength. I soon realised if I was not going to stay mentally strong my body would give up on me & that was not part of my action plan.

Much to the Doctors surprise I regained some of my site, I fought each & every day to live, to not give up on myself or my life.

The New Kinda Normal

6months after being admitted to hospital I was discharged, a new life ahead of me, one where I would struggle each day with my emotions, my health, my weight & learning who I now was with my new normal of visual impairment, paralysis.& now a whopping 18stone (114kgs), from medication, lack of movement & feeding my body the wrong kinda food, when sat on my backside all day.

Since leaving hospital I have worked hard on my healing journey, ensuring I tried everything from shamanic healing, theta, Journey Sessions, Counselling, Coaching, Nutritionists the list is endless, but each helped in their own ways & supported me to understanding my body, mind & soul & the connection between them.

The True Awakening

But it wasn’t until 2016 that I really woke up, I was admitted back into hospital due to some health challenges.

During the 3 months in hospital I really cane to understand the art of Meditation, embedding it into my life as a daily practice due to the healing affects it was having on my entire mind & body.

Daily Movement is medicine, anything from a HIIT workout to gentle stretches & Yoga, keeping my body supple & strong, allowing my mind to release any tension & stay happy.

Also I really embarked on working out the healing properties of food, the importance of what we put into our body truly can help it to heal.

This was my moment of clarity, my moment where I found myself, my passion, my path, not only to my healing journey but for others as well.

Over the past few years I have embarked on my journey to help others. I am a certified Coach, Meditation Practitioners & Reiki Therapist.

I fell in love with these beautiful practices & wanted to share them with others so that they too can find their path to true health & wellness.

I have never been happier, more content with who I am, more motivated, I believe in myself & I know that I am enough just being me.

Then & Now

Into the Now

With Health & Wellness Coaching, I combine my true passions in life, meditation, breath work, food & movement as medicine, to mentor women with chronic illness to find & optimise their health & wellness journey.

I’ve worked hard on myself to get where I am, I’ve faced my fears, overcome challenges, achieved things I never thought possible & I want to help you do the same, to show you don’t have to just strive, you can thrive.

See how you can Work With Me so I can support you to fulfil your dreams & life goals.

I look forward to connecting with you.

With love from me to you

Annabelle ❤️🙏