Distance Reiki Therapy

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese Energy Therapy practice, whereby the Therapist channels & cultivates energy (Chi) through the Gates/Chakras in the palms of their hands. By magnifying the energy & becoming a conduit for it to flow through them, the Reiki energy will then be sent to the person or people they are working with & focusing on.

One of the main teachings of Reiki is that we are more than just our physical body, we also have an energy body which is made up of our Aura, Charkas & Meridians, these collect the energies from the world around us, which can sometimes send us into disarray & can be detrimental to our health.

Reiki Therapy will work to realign your energies, by enveloping you, bathing & filling your body with deep healing, bringing you a sense of calm, nourishing & cleansing your energies for improved health & vibrant wellbeing.

Benefits of Reiki:

• Aids Relaxation & Reduces Stress

• Supports the bodies natural healing processes

• Balances your energy & removes negativity

• Helps develop mental, emotional & spiritual well-being

• Deep healing for the mind, body & soul

• Promotes harmony & balance within the body

• Assists the body in cleansing itself & the immune system

• Improves overall Health & Wellness

Reiki & Me:

I have worked the craft & was trained in Reiki Therapy in 2011. I predominantly used it to help calm my mind, soothe my aches & pains & nourish my body.

In 2018 I started to work with friends, providing them with Distant Reiki Therapy & realised how much I connected with this practice to help others.

I want to share this beautiful therapy with you, so that it will help nourish & cleanse your mind, body & soul to uplift & up-level your life.

Get In Touch to arrange your session 🙏

NB: Distance Reiki Therapy is done via Skype or Video Chat. Together we will set an intention for the session, opening you up to receive the Reiki, ensuring the energy is focused on the necessary area of your body or life, to help you let go of what does not serve your highest good.

Please ensure you are sat up or laying down comfortably, in a quiet & relaxing space, so that you will not be disturbed during this time, supporting in optimising results for this Therapy session.