Health & Wellness Coaching

About Coaching

With Health & Wellness Coaching, I support women who have been through life changing experiences to find themselves again.

We can all get stuck in life, challenges can appear that knock us from our path, leading us to lose our way, feeling overwhelmed, insecure & vulnerable & losing our identity. This can eat away at us, awaken our deepest fears & worries about who we are, what path we are supposed to take & question our self-worth.

It can be a continuous struggle to overcome challenges & face your fears, but with Coaching I will support you to face these challenges, overcome your fears & find yourself again.

With my full support I can enable you to find & use the tools that are within you, to overcome your fears, lean into the challenges, empower you to thrive & believe & accept yourself for a truly fulfilled & happy life.

I believe that the whole body is connected in Mind, Body & Soul, therefore I help work on these areas with energy arts such as meditation & reiki, food as medicine, movement & excetcisr, to build self belief, self confidence & achieve your life goals.

How It can help you

• Uplift & Uplevel your life

• Increase Happiness & Fulfilment levels

• Feel more joy & compassion for self

• Clearing & releasing energy blocks & negative emotions

• Reframing limiting beliefs to improve self with

• Releasing Self Judgement

• Creating new & improved thought patterns

• improving Relationship with self & others

• Build your confidence & self love

• Empower you to change your circumstances

• Support in finding your Path & a sense of purpose

• Goal Setting improving all aspects of your life

• Achieve your Health & Wellness Goals

• Personal Development to help find your passions & follow your dreams

• Working on your core values

• Gaining clarity & a sense of self

• Building new habits to help you thrive

• Movement as Medicine

• Creating a routine to make you shine

• Food as medicine

• Improving Health & Wellbeing for a stronger Mind, Body & Soul

• Changing your perception to become a student of your life

• Creating powerful & lasting change

• Filling your life with abundance

• Increased consciousness

• Acceptance of self, helping you know that you are enough

• Connecting You Back to You

Why Choose Me?

• I have worked hard on myself to achieve my goals & dreams & know I can support you to do the same.

• I am passionate about supporting others to make meaningful changes to thrive in this life

• I am open & transparent, I will not misguide or mislead you.

• I hold confidentiality with upmost importance, therefore I will keep yours protected

• I believe in creating a happy, healthy, supporting relationship with those I connect with to ensure that the most is achieved out of each session

• I will be 100% committed to you & finding your path if you are open, willing & ready to commit

We will connect via skype or video call, providing a comfortable, safe & judgement free zone to help connect you back to you, to find your true path. Guiding you to realise your goals & dreams to support you on your journey to true fulfilment & giving you the confidence & belief to create a meaningful life that you love.


£55 for a 1hr session

£500 for 10 Weeks of 1hr Sessions

Get In Touch to arrange your session 🙏

N.B: Coaching is not counselling we work on where you are now & where you want to be, providing the necessary tools to succeed in creating a fulfilled & meaningful life for true happiness.