NMO The Faces & Places

What is Neuro Mylitis Optica (NMO)?

In a nutshell NMO is a rare auto immune disease, whereby the immune system thinks it is under attack and attacks itself. The Myelin Sheath, which is the protective fatty tissue around the nerves breaks down, inflammation of the spinal cord and/or optic nerves will also occur, but symptoms can vary from person to person. But can leave sufferers blind and/or paralysed, me I have both, I know some of us get all the luck!!

Early detection is vital to ensure the correct course of medication and care.

Initial symptoms are:

– Fatigue

– Nerve pain

– Limb pain/weakness

– Eye pain/vision loss

– Nausea


As far as I am aware there are 2 charities supporting helping to raise awareness and money for this life changing disease and trying to help fund a cure these are NMOUK and The Guthy Jackson Foundation

Diseases such as these need more awareness and more support to help find the reason why and ultimately find a cure.

It doesn’t matter your sex, age, where you live Rare Illness and auto immune illness is becoming more common.

All the people I know with NMO are strong, courageous and beautiful people, who never give up no matter what is thrown at them.

Some of The Faces & Places

Thank you to all that shared their pictures & to all with NMO, I salute you ❤️🙏






Diagnosed: 2012

Jacqueline/45/Maine, USA

Diagnosed: 2018

Parveen/52/Watford, UK

Diagnosed: 2004


Diagnosed: 2007


Diagnosed: 2018

Shareen/39/Kansas. USA

Diagnosed: 2018

Alexander/19/Las Vegas

Diagnosed: 2009


Diagnosed: 2016


Diagnosed: 2011


Diagnosed: 2009


Diagnosed: 2008



Much Love

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